The world only evolves if women and men have the same rights.

In countries where women are oppressed, abused, mutilated and murdered, there is no progress or humanity.


 Creating equal opportunities for women is how a society can advance in justice and freedom.


 Achieving this is everyone's responsibility.

Emma Jiménez 

President of

Mujeres Felices Foundation

Sponsor an Activist

Women for the Third Millennium

For the last century, we have brought awareness to the issue of obtaining equal rights for women. During the 21st century, in which the Third Millennium begins, we must aim to end inequalities and any form of discrimination, violence or abuse against women.


Women are at the forefront of the greatest social revolution of our Era.  With their integration into society came the highest levels of prosperity, happiness and freedom ever achieved in the history of mankind.  This women's revolution, which promotes social progress, must continue!


The modern woman aspires to have complete personal fulfillment and happiness, developing her potential at all levels:


Professional success.  Enjoying economic independence and freedom, and contributing her talent to society.


Personal success.  In the full development of her human and individual potential for happiness.


Social conscience.  Committed to building a better world for all, for social justice, to defending women's rights and to the protection of life on our planet.


The Forum of Women of the Third Millennium brings together women and men who are examples of these principles of power and human happiness for all of us.

"Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideas."

Emma Watson, British actress, model, and philanthropist

A forum dedicated to the WOMEN OF OUR TIME

With nationally- and internationally-renowned speakers


Videos for a better visual impact of the topics


Onstage interviews

Direct connections with Influencers in different places in the world

Presented by RUTH JIMÉNEZ


At the W3M Forum, the Women’s Portal presents the W3M Women’s Awards to exceptional women who embody the values of women of our era, professional and personal, strong and sensitive. These are women who inspire us because of their social engagement and their outstanding achievements toward a better world for us all, to which they lend all of their personal and professional talent.

We celebrate the GALA OF THE W3M’s WOMEN’S AWARDS


And the testimony of our HEROINES

Strong and brave women who have been examples of excellence for all.

The Golden Nymph

Design by Bernard Rives

Awarded Women

Woman for the Third Millennium

Penélope Cruz


Gender communication

Mabel Lozano

Film director and human rights activist

Woman courage

Lydia Cacho

Journalist and writer

Caregivers of life

Jane Goodall

Researcher and Doctor of Ethology

Science and technology for life

Pilar Mateo

Scientist and social entrepreneur

Defense of women's rights

Ana Bella

Help network battered women

Woman art

Lita Cabellut

Plastic artist and Marca España

Innovation and social advancement

Carmén Hijosa

Piñatex creator