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We are all one

Against violence against women and all forms of mistreatment and discrimination.

And for the development of all our human potential of love and happiness.

Mujeres Felices

Happy Women and Men

Men and women aspire equally to be happy in realizing our individual and human potential. Walking together in this purpose, adding strength, from our diversity and complementarity, is the objective towards which many of the human development activities of the foundation are oriented.


The desire for Happiness is the greatest aspiration and desire shared by all human beings. Knowledge of the dynamics of human relationships and their own emotional management are fundamental tools for this purpose, as well as for women and men to unite and meet to grow and strengthen each other, with the full support and experience of professionals and collaborators of the foundation.

Strength and Sensitivity

So vital is to provide us with Force to overcome the challenges and competitiveness of the outside world, as Sensitivity to feel our union with others, in the fullness of love and happiness that we experience within us. And that is why we promote the integration of both values ​​for the full
development of the human being.

The woman is the protagonist of the greatest social revolution of our time. A better knowledge of the most genuine feminine potential and values ​​is essential for our human progress. With this goal of knowledge and self-knowledge, the foundation promotes all kinds of educational and informative activities.


We develop women's empowerment activities and defend the Rights of Women, connecting with each other for the same purpose of happiness.


Imagine what we can do many women together, and with the support of strong and sensitive men. Imagine that the world of women is full of new possibilities for everyone.

Women begins with W, but also with:

F for...


H for...


E for...

Emotional Management

C for...


E for...


F for...


H for...


N for...


P for...


M for...


Women’s situation in Spain and across the globe
  • Men earn 24% more than women in Spain.

  • One in three women worldwide has suffered an episode of domestic violence.

  • Women are overworked -- they spend 4 times more time on domestic work than their partners.

  • One in 10 women in the European Union has suffered cyberbullying starting at age 15, which includes having received unwanted sexually explicit and offensive emails or texts.

  • Currently, only 4.6% of women are CEOs and 19.2% are involved in politics, according to data issued at the X Forum on Women and Leadership.

  • Everyday, 6000 girls are subjected to female genital mutilation practices.

  • Although it is a taboo subject and there is no data from most African countries, in some countries like South Africa, there are about 50,000 rape cases every year, with more than 6 violations every hour.

  • Nearly half of African women (47%) are illiterate, which reduces their chances of personal development and makes them more vulnerable to poverty and disease.

  • Worldwide, more than 700 million women currently living were married as children (under 18 years of age). Of these women, more than 1 in 3 - or about 250 million - married before they turned 15.


It is urgent to face and overcome all of this injustice, abuse and inequality toward women.

For very little, there is much we can do to help them on your behalf.

If you’re interested, contact us to learn more about how you could help.

Tel. and WhatsApp:

+34 606 607 304

  • Move to ACTION in defense of women's rights

We are still so far from reaching our goal of equal rights and opportunities for women in Spain.​


Through all of our collective protests and demonstrations for International Women’s Day (8M), we have shown how determined we are to move towards a fair and equal society. However, we still have to translate these thoughts into concrete actions throughout the rest of the year.


Here at Mujeres Felices, some of the tangible actions we propose are:


Providing psychological care to victims of abuse.​

Campaigns in defense of women’s rights

Job placement for women who are at risk of social exclusion or marginalization

Creation and dissemination of content, courses and workshops to empower women.

  • We support brave women who drive change and social progress in our society

The struggle for equality faces its greatest challenges on the African continent: female genital mutilation, forced and early marriages, discrimination and violence against women.


In the region of Kolda - Senegal, a group of brave women, led by our very own activist Mariama Gnamadio, face these problems everyday. These activists need all our support to:

Put on campaigns in villages for the eradication of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).


Administer workshops on gynecological health, alerting women about the symptoms of the most frequent diseases and their risks, also detecting cases and offering medical assistance.


Avoid forced and early marriages by visiting families and/or paying for their education until they finish high school.


Facilitate surgeries for victims with severe cases of female genital mutilation, especially cases with fistulas and defibulation.


Companies Committed to Equality can show their strong commitment, either internally to their workers, or externally to their suppliers and customers:


Informative and motivational communication of the collaboration established with Mujeres Felices.

“Tod@s Somos Una” T-shirts and bracelets for your workers, featuring your company logo

Talk with an African activist -- you can speak with and learn more about the activist that you end up supporting

"Hijas de la Libertad": 8M Workshop with Indee Styla + T-shirt distribution + urban dance class


The FMF Seal - Put our logo on your website, social media or communications with suppliers and customers to show your commitment to gender equality

Improvement Information - At the end of the year, your company can receive information, photos and videos about how your contributions made a difference​

Corporate Social Responsibility - Incorporation of projects financed in your company's CSR report, highlighting your contribution to the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals.

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WE ARE a foundation specializing in the empowerment of women, the defense of women's rights and the fiscal benefits of the Patronage Law.

If you’d like to learn more:


Whatsapp: +34 606 607 304

Email: info@mujeresfelices.org

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