Strength and Sensitivity

WE ARE women and men committed to the development of our potential of strength and sensitivity, to support each other and grow together on the same path of human progress and material prosperity.

We drive actions and initiatives in defense of women’s rights, for female empowerment, and in support of female social advancement.

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I am happy to be a woman

The Women's Home

A challenge for 2020

Gynecological health of women is one of our main lines of action. Conscious of the benefits that the menstrual cup for your health and the planet, we have selected for you...

Eureka!Cup The only drainable cup in the world.

Healthy: It protects you inside. Non-drying or release fibers or toxic substances.

Ecological: Take care of the environment. A Eureka! Cup is equivalent to 1,800 tampons.

Economic: Save thousands of euros in tampons and pads.

And now, too...

Solidarity: To create ANNORA, The Women's Home in Kolda - Senegal.




Committed to equality

Beyond declarations of good intentions, the persistence of inequalities and mistreatment of women require action.

With Mujeres Felices Foundation, you can:

Put your desire to defend women's rights into ACTION

Support BRAVE WOMEN who drive change and social advancement in our society

Present yourself as a company COMMITTED to women's rights, either internally or externally

WE ARE a foundation specialized in the empowerment and defense of women's rights and the fiscal benefits of the Patronage Law.

If you'd like to contribute to this cause or learn more:


Whatsapp: +34 606 607304



Women's Liberation

Brave women are joining the African women's liberation movement to end deep and harmful abuse and suffering.

We support them and you can, too, by becoming a sponsor of our project for women in Senegal. Join us as we fight against forms of violence and discrimination that threaten women’s health and their rights, female genital mutilation, physical violence and forced, early marriage.

For only 12 euros per month (3€ net for tax relief))

Once you sign up, we will send you information about the activist you support and which community she lives in. If you choose, you can also meet her and visit the community to participate in these volunteer efforts.




WE ARE ALL ONE for women's liberation and rights

FGM Project

Against violence against women and all forms of mistreatment or discrimination.